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Magy Craft speaks of citizen, society, politicians, paradoxes, the soul, everything that makes the Human for the worst and the best.

A good day to you dear Craftian friends,

People of common sense and willing to find harmony in these hard times are not exclusively French speakers. This is the reason why I have used an automated translator on my blog “magycraft.blogspot.be” so that everybody can read the diversely themed articles that I regularly write.main2

This computed translation not exactly being “le panacé” justifies the existence of this blog, where all my articles will be translated into English by a human being. This human being is myself. As English is not my mother tongue, the translations might perhaps sometimes sounds “French” but I’m sure it will be more pleasant to read than the computer translation. I wanted to please and thank my English speaking Craftian friends who are following the Craftian spirit despite the past language difficulties.




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